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BREAKING NEWS FROM TUNISIA: The situation in Tunisia is changing by the minute now. Rumors are circulating too fast to acurately report the current news. It appears that Ben Ali is no longer in power and the Tunisian Army is now in control. Please visit http://english.aljazeera.net/ for the lastest update.


Demonstrations and mass protests broke out in the African country of Tunisia on December 17, 2010 when 26 year old Mohamed Bouazizi, an unemployed university graduate was trying to support himself by selling fruit and vegetables in the city of Sidi Bouzid. Police approached Mr. Bouazizi, telling him he did not have the proper permission and confiscated his entire stock. Bouazizi then, in an act of desperation and outrage, set himself on fire in the city streets in a grim demonstration against his Government's policies. He died as a result of his burns on January 4th 2011.

Protesters and demonstrators took to the streets shortly afterward, enraged at the county's rising cost of living, high unemployment rate, media blackouts brought on by the Government, and its mass censorship of the internet and other media sources.

The official death toll so far has been said to be just over 20, but the International Federation of Human Rights has said the death toll is at least 66 in the last month alone.

Reports sent by protesters show thousands of Tunisians taking to the streets in the country's capital and also report brutal incidents with both Police Forces, and the regime's Special Forces, the B.O.P.


ANONYMOUS encourages police officers and army personnel to refuse to fire on citizens, and to join the fight for liberty.


When governments prevent people from having decent living condition, and prevent them from expressing their anger, it must be expected that the people will fight to overthrow and take power for themselves. In Tunisia, as elsewhere, ANONYMOUS will give an active support to such a struggle.

In response to the unrest, the Tunisian Government has reportedly fired the Interior Minister, and are trying to secure Tunis City by stationing soldiers and imposing a strict curfew on its citizens there. Additionally, they have fired the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Rashid Ammar because he reportedly refused to order the soldiers to quell the riots and expressed reservations about the excessive use of force perpetrated against demonstrators. In order to break the strike in the schools and the universities, the Tunisian government decided to close the entire educational system indefinitely.

Ben Ali, the Tunisian president, is now doing everything he can to save himself, his family and the corrupt politicians he surrounds himself with. He and his cronies are the source of the problems Tunisian citizens are facing. He tries to solve the resistance to his tyranny by firing on his citizens. He tries to combat dissent with censorship and threats.

Protesters throw rocks, and the police respond with bullets.

However, brute force cannot kill an ideology. The Tunisian revolt won't be so easy to stop.

ANONYMOUS is struggling against those who, like Ben Ali, want people to shut up.

Refuse to be silenced!

Refuse to accept the repression!

Rise up!

Rise up and fight for your freedom and the freedom of the citizens of the world!

ANONYMOUS is not a small sectarian terrorist group. ANONYMOUS is the gathering, the collective consciousness, of those who want to fight for freedom on the web. It is a common banner freely available to all who stand against oppression and censorship.


Your family, your friends, anybody around you, could be ANONYMOUS.

Join the fight!

ANONYMOUS needs more ideas!
ANONYMOUS needs more fighters!

Join the IRC !

And remember:

We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
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